WELCOME! We are glad you have decided to consign with Wee Ones! Take a minute to read a few guidelines. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have, we are happy to help! [email protected]

Welcome to Wee Ones~ We are glad to have you! 

Just a few things you will need to know as a consignor....



   There will be a $8.00 consignor fee to participate, to make it easy this fee will be taken out of your check at the end of the sale.


2) INPUT YOUR ITEMS (YOU MUST have 5+ items to participate).


Its easy to input your items with our AUTOMATED TAGGING SYSTEM and the NEW VOICE ENTRY!!!! 

 You only have until Sunday night Feb 25th at midnight  to INPUT  your items, the system will close down!


3) PRINT tags on WHITE PAPER or light colored paper.....65lb or heavier will work best! You don't want your tag to fall off or rip.


4) Prepare your items (CLEAN, laundered, wrinkle free items SELL!) You do not have to iron them, but they will sell for TOP $$ if you do!


5) TAG YOUR ITEMS! (see tab for tagging instructions).


6) HANG YOUR ITEMS...PLEASE use CHILD size hangers for items Newborn-size 7. Size 8-up can be put on adult hangers. We accept clothing up to a child's size 14/16.

Please hang the items facing left.....your hanger will look like a question mark (????).


For SHOES, please tie them together with a string, ribbon or zip tie. (please DO NOT put shoes in zip lock bags, they are to hard to see that way).


7) Bring your items to DROP OFF ~ SEE HOME PAGE FOR TIMES!

PLEASE Allow 20-30 min. for items to be checked in.(Please do not be offended if we can not take a item). We can not accept clothing that is dated or stained. If a toy needs batteries, it must be in working order at drop off. 

8) Come and enjoy the consignor only shopping time on Tuesday Feb 27th 6-9pm.


 9) PICK up your UNSOLD items and your earnings check ~on Monday March 5th between 4pm-8pm.  If your check and items are not picked up by you or a friend that day the items will be donated and check mailed. PLEASE communicate with us if you can not come, the key is communication!

10) These are items we can NOT accept for this event~ see tab for info.

NO true WINTER items: No jackets, ski wear, corduroy.

Please email or call me if you have specific questions! The spring/summer sale does accept a large variety, but keep in mind it gets hot here. So if it was worn all year long, we will accept it for Spring/Summer Event.

Only new or like new School Uniforms are welcome~ only if they are NEW or name brand (no walmart, old navy etc. on school uniforms).

ONLY clothing sizes newborn thru big kids size 14/16. We will no longer take size 18/20 and no teen clothing. Only to big kids 14/16. Shoes to size adult 8. 

NO clothing or shoes priced under $2.00! Group items if you need to reach this price point (Example: hats, bibs)

No infant onesies by themselves, only with a set or an outfit (unless NEW with tags)....if you have questions text me! 912-401-7711

***PJ's accepted if NEW or like new***

NO clothing items in ziplock bags!!!

NO underwear and socks unless NEW with tags or match an outfit

NO baby bottles unless new w/tags or in box. No used kitchen items or sippy cups or pacifiers. ONLY NEW items in this catagory.

No CARSEATS OR CRIBS, unless they LESS then one year old.

NO  infant/ baby bedding sets...sorry we have tried selling this in the past and it is not a great seller, we will accept Baby blankets and twin sets and room decor.

NO stuffed animals, unless they are NEW, Disney or takes batteries.



[email protected]







































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