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Posted by Wendy on July 7, 2010 at 10:45 AM

This is just a guide, if you have a question, please CALL or email me and I will be glad to help you!! or 401-7711.


Selling prices vary depending on the condition of your item, demand & brand, but generally run 50-80% OFF the original retail price.

Due to higher volume of infant sizes 0-24 months price these items competitively.

If your item is new with or without tags feel free to price higher & note "new" on the tag.  We suggest you consider what you would pay for the item yourself remembering it is gently loved.


PLEASE price everything $2 and up! Last sale most of all the clothing & shoes were priced $3-$25. Toys and equipment can go higher depending on what it is.


Brand and condition are important.

Price items lower if: Infant items, casual clothing, older toys, good condition,

Price items higher if: new with tags, dressy, clothing sets, excellent condition, hot brands & like new toys, large items, rare items.

Clothing price guide:

Bargain brands : $2-$4

Basic Brands: $3-$6

Better brands: $4-$10

Smocked items, new items, boutique etc $12-$24

SHOES: $3-$18

Equipment, Toys, books and more: price atleast 50% off retail or more, Ask yourself how much you would pay for it, if you saw it at wee ones.

 Our goal is to offer NICE, clean, items at a fair price~ we want everyone to find something!

If you would like to, you can offer your item for 1/2 price on Saturday. There is an option when you input your items online to do this. IF priced right, your item will sell quickly before Sat.!:) 

I highly recommend that you participate in 1/2 off, make sure you check the box to discount when entering your items.



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